Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I just need ONE!

Well - I got a phone call around two o'clock Monday afternoon ... telling me that my level wasn't quite high enough and that the nurse thought that we would wait to do the trigger shot on Tuesday and IUI on Thursday. She said she wanted to run it by Dr. Patton - and she would call me back. About 30 minutes later - she called to tell me that Dr. Patton is very impressed with my ultrasound/follicles and he wanted me to trigger TONIGHT! So we did the shot around 12:30 am - and let's just say ... I had a melt down. I was very overwhelmed and felt really anxious /scared /upset / nervous. It was really hard for Daniel - to see me like that and to stay patient. He got really frustrated - but I tried to explain to him that I just felt overhwelmed. I had not cried at all before this moment - through the whole thing ... even the medicine didn't make me emotional - so the shot sent me over the top. After I pulled it together - it was nothing.

Tuesday was a pretty uneventful day - tried to take it easy because I figured that would be best. Tuesday night - we were SO happy! GO COCKS! Gamecocks won the CWS - and it was the BEST baseball game that I have ever seen in my life! So intense - you could definitely tell the best two teams were in the end - it was tied 1 to 1 and they went to 11 innings! It was really good - we were up late because we were so fired up after the win!

We had to be at SEFC by 10:30 this morning ... collection at 10:30 and procedure at 11:30. Everything went really well - Dr. Patton said they usually like to see 10 million "swimmers" after the wash but that some men have more than that ... "like your husband - who had 74 million swimmers!" My jaw dropped. I looked over at Daniel and he was just SMILING and giggling - like he was "the man " or something. I couldn't believe it - and then Dr. Patton said "That poor little egg - I don't know what it's going to do!"

I was trying to be as positive as possible - even though there was only one mature follicle on Monday. Pam (our nurse) kept saying, "It only takes one!" so we'll see! In my mind - I can't imagine 74 million swimmers and not ONE of them sticking it out. I really hope that this is it - I am going to try my best to stay busy and find things to be focused on OTHER than this terribly long 2ww.

Daniel goes tomorrow for pre-op for next week's surgery. They called today to give us the scoop - we'll have to be there by 9am on Wednesday... bloodwork/prep until 11:00. The surgery is at 11:30 and will last 4 hours! Then he'll go to recovery for an hour ... so I'll have a LONG day waiting! Luckily we'll have our own private room for the 3-5 day stay. I am already starting to pack things that I'll need to keep me sane! At least that will help some of this long wait to go by - I'll be a little busy taking care of him! :)

Please continue to pray that the Lord will prepare my body and bless us with the miracle that we have waited for. I am praying that this will be it - and that two weeks from now I'll be the happiest girl in the world :)

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